Plants resistance to abiotic stress: • 1.1 Tolerance to drought and urban coastal • 1.2 Tolerance of freezing • 1.3 Tolerance to high temperatures, floods, pollution


Preparation is used to accelerate and stabilize the process of fermentation on biomass, manure, composting and other processes. It biologically activates the natural cycle of compost, with waste decomposition and acceleration of metabolic process.


The high content of hormones auxin and cytokinin - High content of polysaccharides, amino acids and proteins - Containing macro elements (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S) and microelements (Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, ...)


The products are derivative by extraction of seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, which grows on the north-western coast of Europe in the extreme conditions of the Atlantic Ocean. High quality of liquid extract of this seaweed is used for foliar treatment, as well as for the watering treatment. Products made from Ascophyllum nodosum are natural bio-stimulators that activate biochemical and enzymatic processes in the plant and improve results of metabolism and the synthesis process. The use of these products, which have a positive impact on the plant, enables ecological and economic sustainable production.