Class: Liquid bio stimulator

Composition: organic nitrogen (N) 0.22%; organic carbon (C) 3%

Formulation: Liquid bio stimulant based on brown seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum),

Negative reaction of the preparation: There is no negative reaction on plants cultivation, people, endotherms and aquatic plants

Compatibility: Miscible with all pesticides, fertilizers and microbiological preparations There is no waiting period as well as working period.


Algo fast is an organic bio stimulator based on seaweed that activates biochemical and physiological processes in the plant, it’s used in pomiculture, vegeculture, crop husbandry, horticulture. Use of this product improves root growth, encourages the development of healthy micro flora, enables efficient use of water and nutritive, stimulates the growth of foliage and blooming and increase the yield.
Product based on seaweed possesses optimal ratio of micro elements, minerals, enzymes, hormones, polysaccharides. Algo fast helps to build natural immune system. The high level of the immune system allows the plant resistance to diseases and insects, such as abiotic stresses (cold, high temperature, drought).
Regular uses of this product (commercial or organic production) ensure your crops: the best start, amplification of the
overall health of the plant, as well as quality and quantity of products. The result is greater productivity and profitability.



Foliar: solution of 1 l / 400 l of water per hectare
• Vegetables and ornamental plants: 1) while formatting the seedlings (1 l / 300 Water substrate) and foliar application over the plants when they have made 2-3 leaves, 2) After planting, 3) Before, during and after blooming, 4) During the fruit formation, 5) In fruit development 15 days before harvest
• Arable crops: 1) in first leaves stage 2) after two weeks
• Fruit Crops: 1) in first leaves stage, 2) after blooming, 3) up to 20 days before harvest Leaf Culture (spinach, leek, lettuce, etc.) as the first leaves appear or after replantation. Root cultures (carrots, beets, sugar beet etc.) regular spraying after first leaves appear.
Fertigation: solution of 1 l / 800 l of water per hectare.
If at any stage of growth and production period plant comes under stress (adverse weather conditions, water deficit, or illness), use of Algo fast is recommended.