Product based on brown seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum)

Negative reaction of the preparation:
There is no negative reaction on plants cultivation, people, endotherms and aquatic plants



The preparation is used to accelerate and stabilize the fermentation process of crop residues in the fields. It leads to the biological activation of micro flora in the bio mass and soil, thereby drastically increasing their number and in this way accelerate microbiological processes.
Algo PreOr doesn’t contain microorganisms, but provides food to existing microorganisms and improves their growth.

Directions for use:
A liter of concentrated preparation Algo PreOr dissolve with 400L of water and spray on crop residues immediately before plowing parcels of land.
A solution of 400 liter is sufficient for 1 ha.

Maximum effects Algo PreOr are achieved with the highest possible degree of pulverizing of biomass as well as entering the recommended amounts of manure through harvest residues.
By plowing, plant residues are included in the process of circulation of organic matter in soil.
Using Algo PreOr we get land with beneficial microclimates, optimized moisture content, better structure, which positively affects the fertility
and productivity of the land.