Class: Liquid bio stimilator

Composition: organic nitrogen (N) 0.22%; organic carbon (C) 3%

Formulation: Liquid bio stimulant based on brown seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum)

Negative reaction of the preparation: There is no negative reaction on plants cultivation, people, endotherms and aquatic plants

Compatibility: Miscible with all pesticides, fertilizers and microbiological preparations There is no waiting period as well as working period.


Algo pan is an organic bio stimulant based on seaweed that activates biochemical and physiological processes in plants and encourages the plant to maximize the benefits of nutritive resources. Increase of foliage has a positive effect on the size of the berries, the amount of sugar and total extract in grapes and other berries.
The importance of bio-stimulant is crucial in critical situations.
Bio stimulators are extremely important and effective in plantations that have suffered certain forms of stress such as drought, low temperatures (cold) or hail.
In those situations bio stimulants will help the plant to recover, as soon as possible, accelerating physiological processes in the plant.
Constant use helps build and support the natural immune system of the plant itself.



Foliar: After the appearance of the first leaves (the beginning of vegetation), at the beginning of blooming, during the vernation until the berries close, and when the fruits begin to change color. 1 l / 400 l of water.
Fertigation: 1 l / 800 l of water.
Douse seedlings to a solution (250ml per 100 liters of water), and after planting, water each plant with the same solution.