Product based on brown seaweed
(Ascophyllum nodosum)

Negative reaction of the preparation:
There is no negative reaction on plants cultivation,people, endotherms and aquatic plants

Algocomposter –organic preserva tive based on seaweed.

1. Preparation is used to accelerate and stabilize the process of fermentation on biomass, manure, composting and other processes.
It biologically activates the natural cycle of compost, with waste decomposition and acceleration of metabolic process. We get the quality fertilizers with the high index of nutrients.
Directions for use: A liter of concentrated preparation Algocomposter dissolve with the 800 l of water, which is sufficient for the treatment of 3-5 mass m3. After several days pour tap water on it and reactivate preparation.


2. Algocomposter - solution for cesspit
It activates decomposition biologically. Eliminates odors and harmful gases - ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulfide (the preparation is biological ion exchanger)
Reducing the amount of mire, eliminates the surface layer of waste, reduces the frequency of pumping waste and volume. It cleans the whole system - including tubes and skids.
Directions for use: A liter of concentrated resources Algocomposter pour in cesspit sizes up to 5 m³.